Sunday Snaps: In The Garden

Good afternoon!!!

It sure has been a BUSY week!!! It feels good to be hanging out all alone on a grey Sunday watering my plants and photographing my little garden’s progress. The grass around these parts is NEON green because of all of the rain we’ve been getting lately. Seems like everything is growing up nicely! At the shop we spent the week moving the store over to our NEW location! We only moved down the street but we all rolled our sleeves up and got er done! The new store looks fabulous and I encourage any Haligonian readers to stop on by and check it out! The new shop lives at 1887 Granville St. on the cobblestone!

What else..OH! The Heart of Art has reached 1000 + subscribers! I honestly have no idea how it all happened! It’s great though! Thanks to all the readers out there who are always so supportive and lovely! Connecting with people through art and ideas is just so great, and to be able to do that on a large scale is one of the things I’ve always wanted to do so I’m grateful! Thanks again for reading!

I’ve still got lotsa work ahead of me with planning some summer camps, making art, and making summer plans. Keeping busy has proven to be very rewarding though. I think the key to happiness is keeping lots on the go but not too much! I sometimes have to remind myself that it’s ok to just take it easy for a day, which I will attempt today, but my mind has already started making plans for things that I need to get done this afternoon…..ha! No wonder it takes me forever to finish a book!!  Ok on with the show! Some pictures from my garden!!!

some cotton I took home from the shop this week, and a beautiful bouquet of peonies and sweet william!

Well that’s it for today! Check back tomorrow for a new featured artist! Have a good Sunday!

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