Sunday Snaps: Greenhouse Openhouse

Good mornin’ everyone! Hope you have all had a great weekend so far! This Saturday was just 100% fun! My first stop was at the farmers market to pick up some delish bacon and veggies etc. Then me and my sis went to the Public Gardens greenhouse open house to check out all the flowers and plants! The friends of the garden were so friendly and fun to talk to and the flowers and plants, and cactus were amazing!!! I haven’t visited the open house in a few years and it was great to go back and take a peek and see what was growing! We then proceeded to check out a new Mexican place on South Park St. called Cantina Mexicana which I’m pretty sure just opened up a few days ago! The food was great!! Check it out of you are around town! We finished off the day with a BBQ at a friends place, and the sun finally came out to set the mood! Now since I slacked off so much yesterday I have a ton of not so fun chores and tasks to do today….hmmm…..oh well.

Here are some of the snaps I took at the greenhouse. I’ll post the rest next week since there are so many!
That’s it for today! Check in tomorrow for a new featured artist!

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