Sunday Snaps: Long Weekend On The Deck!

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying a nice sunny long weekend! We’ve really been having the most wonderful sunny warm spring here in Halifax this year. We are really lucky! Last spring was a rain fest for two months straight, and everyone was down in the dumps about it! Not this spring! We’ve had a good mix of a little rain, and a lot of sun!! Woo! It makes me feel so energized! Although..I did sleep in big time today…I’m actually writing this blog still in my pjs at almost 11pm! This never happens! Hah!

So yesterday because it’s a long weekend, and a beautiful one at that, we decided to host a bbq! One of my favorite things to do in the entire world is plant flowers, and fix up my deck!!! Mind you I do it on a dime, but I think I did a pretty good job this year! The only problem is I’ve noticed that birds have taken a liking to my pansies and alot of the heads have been snipped off and eaten!! Anyone know any tricks for that?? I know they are an edible flower to humans and animals, but I really wanted to keep them for my own enjoyment!!I may have to plant something else if they keep it up!  Anyways I fixed up my deck nicely and I took a few snaps before our friends arrived for a good ol’ bbq! Check it out!

Rewarded all my hard work with a rhubarb cordial with lemon, club soda, and gin! (My sis made the cordial herself…it was amazing!!) That’s it for now! Check back in tomorrow for our featured artist! Enjoy the sunnnnn! (I hope its sunny wherever you are!)

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