Sunday Snaps!

Hey ya’ll! I can’t believe an entire week has gone by again! I must apologize for my lack in blogging. I’ve been really busy and just working hard in general! I haven’t made any artwork lately but I swear I am going to get right back into it this week full speed ahead! This weekend has treated us so kindlywith sunshine and warm weather! I accomplished a lot on my Saturday off. Filled my deck with pansies and dusty miller, did a little shopping (I was desperate for clothes…you would laugh if you saw my wardrobe before yesterday), and I went out to see Guitar Fest at Bearly’s which is a Blues club down the street from my apartment! A full day indeed!!! Today I’m going to take it easy, maybe finish a book..(finally…) and do some lobster eating! Yes its lobster season!!!
This morning although I was up til 2 am I popped out of bed around 7:30, and decided to try to make myself an omelet and head of for a stroll to take some Sunday Snaps! Check it out!

I bought two peonies from work this week!! They are one of my absolute favourites!! I think mothers day is one of my favourite floral holidays because the flower selection is amazing! So many beautiful things went out the door this week!!

Also…I’ve been waiting almost a year for this African Violet that I rescued from work to bloom. It finally has!! I am so pleased!!! Way to go little plant!

So beautiful!! I hope everyone can go out for a walk today and enjoy your neighborhood! Check in tomorrow for a new featured artist!!

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