Sunday Snaps!

We’ve had the most gorgeous weekend to date!!! Warm weather and flowers blooming everywhere!! I love it! The warmth and sunshine are so renewing! This weekend, to say I walked ALOT is an understatement. I walked pretty much from 8:30am to 3:30pm with a one hour break in between for breakfast. Yowza! You can imagine how tired I was at the end of the day! It was so worth it though. I can’t get enough of the outdoors, and the downtown goings on when the weather is beautiful. Yesterday my sister and I walked all across town, checking out shops, walking through the public gardens, and finally we made our way to the Halifax Crafters spring show. I have to say it. Halifax has amaaaazingly talented artists and crafters. Every booth had something amazing to look at. Unfortunately I brought zero dollars with me in my wallet…but it was great to see everyone and have a look at all of their wonderful stuff! Way to go guys!! I am inspired and proud to have such awesome creative minds in Halifax!

I only have one picture of the crafters…but I did of course take a few pictures of some flowers I met along the way. Did I mention we also stopped in to a huge antique shop on Agricola St.? It was awesome. I have always loved looking at antiques! This store seemed to go on forever, and ever and there was even a funny little shop dog to greet us! He didn’t want to talk to me though…hmmm….Anyways On with the pictures!

The end! Hope you have an awesome Sunday! Check back tomorrow for the Featured Artist!

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