Friday Kid’s Crafts!

Last one for a while cats! This will be my last Saturday art class with the kids til summer camps begin for me in July…and I’m sure I’ll be so busy I won’t have time to post any of the projects from either of those weeks!

For the little ones (pop ups and storytelling class) we are creating underwater pop up worlds! The kids will use all of their accumulated pop-up know how to create this final project, and then they will create a short story to be written on the first page of this little book! Here is my example for the class…

finito! I used watercolours and a heavy weight paper to create my little underwater scene!! I also used magazines to create the coral reef (see step 2!).

For the older kids (stamps and stencil class) we will be creating our own spray paint using spray bottles, a little water, and a little paint mix together. I will have about six bottles filled with different coloured watered down paint, and they will cut their own stencils from heavy paper. Once they are finished making an awesome stencil, they will tape the stencil onto a large sheet of paper and spray different coloured paint onto their stencil….remove the stencil and VOILA! A super cool spray paint stencil project! I drew into mine to make it even more funky…check it out!

The end! I hope everyone has been having a great week! Sorry I have blogged a little less in the past couple of weeks! I’ve been super busy!! More to come though! Return on Sunday for a really lovely edition of Sunday Snaps!! Bye for now!

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