Hey everyone! Welcome back to Wednesday!!

I am feeling a little relieved that there is a long weekend coming up! I feel I could really use some R&R! How about you?? I’ve been a busy bee lately! This week I am focusing on getting my project done! I’ve been chipping away, and this Sunday and Tuesday were spent working on this Peacock Hat! Now… I’m not totally convinced that it makes a very convincing hat, but maybe that’s ok? I’m going for drama here.

I started off with a quick sketch then moved right into watercolours. Oh the colours in a peacock’s feathers are so beautiful and wonderful. I fell in love mixing the turquoises, the blues, and the golds. I am really inspired by the palette actually, having never really used these vibrant colours all together at once! I got my peacock to where I wanted it to be, and roughly cut around the edges. The hat was looking pretty blunt andΒ  heavy on my lady’s head so on Tuesday (for several hours mind you) I went in with an x-acto knife. I didn’t cut myself!! (wooo!!!) I did manage to cut away alot of the paper surrounding the delicate feathers. I wanted the hat to have more of a feathery and flowing feel rather than just a big chunk of paper with a peacock painted on it!! Here’s what happened next:

Then I put it on my lady’s head:

not sure if I love it or hate it yet…but like everything I think I just need to let it rest in my brain for a while.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Peacock

  1. Good work! I can’t wait to see this show, it’s such a fun concept. The colours on your peacock are beautiful, I think it looks great!

  2. I love posts like this; very nice illustration, plus the physical creative process – complete with art supplies. Trust me; no matter how many bells and whistles you can incorporate into illustration in the digital realm, there’s a uniqueness to the intimacy of hand-on-paintbrush-on-paper that no package of Adobe can replicate. Not to knock digital, but traditional is where illustration was born and will always live. And of course, the contrast of the stark features of the lady against the intricacy of the peacock is absolutely fun and beautiful.

    • Oh I hear ya! I haven’t really done much digital illustration, but I think that the few times I’ve tried I found that the one thing I missed so much was the physical act of drawing or painting. There is a real spirit that goes into hand made work that you can feel, and sometimes its so powerful!! A lot of times that it what makes art so beautiful. Thanks for your comments!

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