Sunday Snaps: A little dose of nostalgia…

Wow…I’ve been having QUITE the morning! I got up bright and early feeling so wonderful. The sun was shining, I was thinking of an old pal, then I tuned into the radio and coincidentally a song that brings me right back to when I was a teenager hanging out with this particular friend was playing from the start as soon as I tuned in. I love it when things like that happen!

Since I didn’t have time to snap any photos this weekend I thought I’d rummage through the really, REALLY old photos and take a little peek into the past. So many wonderful memories came back to me looking at these old pictures from when I was around 18 years old starting out, and moving out from Ontario to Nova Scotia. This is what Shawn and I looked like back in the day….(this photos is probably about 7 years old):

I found a little series of lovely pictures from my first year at NSCAD. This fist picture was taken from inside my parents van. We traveled for two days. My mom, dad, and my little sister (who was around 5 years old at the time) all the way from Whitby to Halifax. It was probably one of the most epic car rides of my life, mostly because my entire life was about to change once I got out of the car and unpacked all of my things into my closet sized dorm room. Anyways…on with the show!

Looking through all of the pictures (there are zillions) reminds me how amazing my life has been! I have met so many wonderful friends and seen/experienced so many amazing things out here in the East Coast of Canada. I feel very lucky! Hope everyone is having a really great Sunday! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured artist!

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