Kids Crafts Week 2!

I have a few more projects I thought I’d share with everyone for my upcoming art classes this Saturday!

1. Geometrics with masking tape (or painters tape works better if you have it) and watercolours!!!

This project is simple and effective! Kids can learn about colour, pattern, layering colour and negative and positive space.

You  basically start off with a blank page (or you could start with a page painted one colour for a different effect!) and you begin by placing tape in straight lines across your page. The aim here is to create various four sided shapes. Once the tape is down you can begin to paint with watercolour (I found works best for layering colours). Make sure that you do not remove the tape before the paint is dry. I used a hair dryer to dry  my work quickly. Remove the tape and see what you have, then back to step one! Put down some more tape to create a new set of shapes that will layer over top of the old. Keep going until you are loving what you’ve made! It’s additive, and it’s exciting to see what happens with each new layer. I found its best to use one colour per layer so that your shapes really stand out from one layer to the next.

2. Easter Pop-Up!

For this project I decided to created my own easter mad-lib for the class to fill out, allowing them to create their own stories without taking up too much time (the class is only 2 hours!). Once the stories are filled in, I will demo a quick and easy pop up technique which I believe is called the box. Find instructions HERE! .Using this technique the class will create their own illustration for their short Easter tales. This is a little mini version I created just as a test for myself:

We will create a little two page book, with the story on the first page, and in the middle pages will be a pop up! Everyone’s will be a little different!

That’s it for today! Hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend! Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Kids Crafts Week 2!

  1. You are just too great! Great stuff.
    I LOVE your patterned paper! I wish I could find a fabric like that to make myself all kinds of new clothes!!

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