little lady, big hats!

Wednesday is here again already!! Phewf!

I’ve been working extra hard on a few projects over the last little while. I am reaching the final stages of one of these projects! I don’t think I’ve put so much time and energy into one thing in a looong time which is great! I forgot how rewarding it can be to roll your sleeves up and really dig into something!!

So as you may already know I’ve been working hard on drawing faces and trying to keep things simple. After many practice rounds I decided to just grab a big piece of paper and get going on it! There’s only so long you can mess around with practice doodles (especially when you are working under a deadline!). So I spend a whole afternoon working away on this lady and I think she is almost what I was hoping for! Not sure if I’ll go back in to fix up some things that are bothering me. I sort of chalked up some my unsureness to the fact that I’ve already stared her in the face for too many hours criticizing every line and shadow. Besides, nothing should be/can be perfect. I am happy with her! Woo!! Here’s how it went down:

She is done in ink, watercolour and some pencil too. I started out by drawing a pencil sketch, then going in with ink washes, slowly building up to blacks. Then I went in with some watercolour washes just to add a little tint of colour here and there which I thought was pretty effective. Then I cut her out (for this particular project it’s required!!). She’s just a little smaller than life sized.

So I have my face! The second phase of this project requires some embellishments! I decided to use my imagination and create some fantastic hats! I was so inspired by the hats of the early 1900’s that I couldn’t resist building my project around them. This is one of hopefully four hats in total:

I think the hat still needs a tiny bit of work…but I think I am ready to call it a day and make my supper! I hope everyone is doing swell and check in again soon for this week’s kid’s craft project! Adios for now!

6 thoughts on “little lady, big hats!

  1. Oh Bryanna! I could actually cry right now (legit teared) HAHAHAHA omg I have lost it. anyways THIS is beyond beautiful! I can’t even put in to words how excellent this project is!!! I know you say nothing can be perfect BUT my darling dear she IS! and her HAT. That Hat is beyond brilliant! I cannot wait to see the other three hats!!!

    Love you with all my heart!

  2. She’s amazing! What a special piece. I love how you saved all the vibrant colours for the hat. It’s like you’ve taken an impression we’re used to having, of old things we see, and bringing new life into it πŸ™‚ I love this!! You should feel very pleased!

  3. I’m catching on to your style, and loving it. I enjoy the stark simplicity of the facial features and composition, contrasted with the vibrant, colorful, very alive hats. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Jason! I hadn’t really thought too much about it til you mentioned the simplicity of the face, but I think it took me a while to get there!! Once I started practicing in marker I found that I was freed! Things became more raw and simple, and then I tried to translated that using ink when it came to the final piece. I’ve always loved working with permanent inks. It gives me a funny confidence in my drawing knowing that if I mess up I have to work it right in to the drawing. It’s a good challenge!

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