More Pop-Ups!!

Hey ya’ll! I just recently found out that I am going to be an art teacher again for two courses on Saturdays starting THIS Saturday!My favourite part, aside from hanging out with some rad kids, is creating the projects. One of the classes I will be teaching to 5-7 year olds is called Pop-Ups and Storytelling! We will be taking ideas from books read in class and creating pop-up projects around them. I thought I’d share my project ideas here just in case there is anyone else out there who is teaching or has kids who love to craft!

While I was working out the details of my project for this weekends class I remembered how when I was a kid I  thought that paper was really a magical thing. I once tried to create an entire 3D pop up dentist office based on a book I loved. The idea was to use a cardboard box, and inside build an entire set, then close the box back up, put a hole in the box, and then look through the hole into the 3D world I had created inside. I remember the checkered floors, and the dentist chair….I don’t remember if the project every fully came to fruition but I remember the excitement thinking that I was going to bring a flat illustrated book to life!!

Sooo This week I chose a book that I found at the library that I really enjoyed mostly because I love the illustrations. The author uses collage to create his illustrations and I thought we could incorporate that into our pop-up project. I made an example to show the kids (they usually get super pumped when you show them what they are about to create rather than trying to explain it all to them!!)  Here is what I came up with!

Basically it is a book that folds open, with pop-up grass! The grass folds up creating a foreground, and a background! I used different types of papers found in magazines, and scrabook scraps to create all the rest. Mostly cutting and pasting for this project! Wishing everyone a happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “More Pop-Ups!!

  1. so exciting bree bree! you make the perfect art teacher! ❤ I really need to try this out…haha perhaps when I send that pile of stuff I have ready to mail out to you, i'll make pop up card to go with it!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I too teach art to kids… right now I teach a small class of 10-11 year olds in my home studio. In the past I have even taught art to preschoolers…. 2-4 year olds! That was a challenge, but I loved it. I have not done any pop-up projects but have done altered books with them, plus many other things of course…. been doing it on-and-off for 8 years. Have fun! Do you teach at an elementary school?

    • Oh! Teaching is fun and challenging for sure. I’ve only been teaching just shy of a year on and off. The university I graduated from offers weekend art classes for kids and that’s where I teach!

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