Wednesdoodles: A Day of Many, Many Faces….

Hey everyone! Hope you are getting into the Wednesday groove!!

Yesterday I spend many hours practicing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes I think I might be a little looney, but I mean I just want to get it right! Too many details can bog up a drawing, and I am a believer that a really great artist can pull off alot using just a few lines and shadows. Simple is good. I started off not so simple and gradually tried to simplify my drawing, trying out different techniques along the way…switching from watercolour and pencil, to ink and watercolour…and back again.Ā  It was a bit of a painstaking day, but practice makes perfect.

I did get frustrated by the end….I think the frustration comes from this funny voice in the back of my mind that tells me that because I draw alot I am supposed to be some kind of pro at everything I set out to make! Patience with yourself is something I think everyone has gotta learn! (Me especially!!) Well I’ll show you how it went. I must admit some of these I am a little ashamed of posting up for the world to see,but what the heck! Nobody is perfect!! I’ve posted them up in chronological order:

I think….I think I started to think too much as usual!!! Too much thinking is the leading cause of death in creating!!!

Anyhow, there’s always tomorrow right? Sometimes it takes me a while to settle in with what I’ve made and then I take another look a few days later and realize what I’ve done is not so bad! Well that’s it for now! Have a great Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: A Day of Many, Many Faces….

  1. Bree! Love love this post. You can really see the transformation from the first girl to the last! So wonderful! You and I both know I need to work on patience as well! Eeeeeek I don’t have any. Xoxox Skype your bum soon! šŸ™‚

  2. I kind of like the bottom right and middle right the best… There have been plenty of pieces/doodles that I were not too happy with but later on discovered that there was something there that I previously missed due to my own previous frustrations. taking a “break” from a piece and reconnecting with it later on in the month – sometimes even a year or two- and you might see something completely different!

    Keep up the doodles! šŸ™‚

  3. Women’s hair is actually very challenging to render. I’ve actually avoided drawing women in the past just for that reason, but lately, I’ve been drawing them more and more. I like these renderings, especially the treatment of the hair in the drawing on bottom left.

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