les chapeaux, les chapeaux!

Hey Everyone!
Exciting news! Over the weekend I exceeded my goal of 500 readers! I am so pumped to have so many readers! I really never imaged that so many people would be interested! So a big thanks to all of  you awesome readers out there, and welcome to everyone who has recently started following!  On with the show…..

So the word is out. I’ve been doodling hats. I’ve actually become a bit of a hat-drawing fanatic. They can be so expressive, and drawing them really is a fun way to spend an afternoon. These specific little drawings are some ideas I’m working on for a project. I’ll let you know more about it in a while. Anyways, I started making some sketches in marker, and in ink. I had ran out of ink months ago, and when I picked up the pen and brush I realized my love for ink is deep!!!

Nothing beats that deep dark black of a nice ink. Using ink is alot like watercolour in that you can layer on in order to create depth. I find inks and watercolours endlessly interesting because there are so many ways you can experiment. My love for ink also stems from the fact that you really have to be sure of your marks and lines, because there is no erasing! Same with marker. I feel like when I challenge myself to use either marker or ink, my work becomes more thoughtful and confident looking because it has to be! And if i make an error I have to come up with a solution to make it fit right into the work. So here ya go, some little hat sketches:

OK! It’s Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a good one!

5 thoughts on “les chapeaux, les chapeaux!

  1. Loved it and pinned it on PInterest (already one ‘like’ there too). You give these hats real sweep and shape, gorgeous work. I especially liked the first one, tiny rose swirls, and the rather epic one made from peaccock feathers.

    Congratulations on the 500 readers!!

  2. Hey sistahood. I love the hats, and I also love ink!
    Drawing is my fav. medium because of it’s immediacy and I think from that immediacy comes stream-of consciousness, honest and raw work. I find that kind of work most intriguing! I love how ink adds a layer of complexity in that it’s permanent- it forces the artist to accept whatever comes out, and work with it (which can mean lots of creative problem solving!)
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Love this. I’m in the midst of a fashion illustration class and this reminds me of a lot of the stuff we’ve looked at. So simple yet so cool.

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