Sunday Snaps: Tulipa!

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m typing this out on a Saturday morning, and I hope its as sunny and beautiful tomorrow at this time as it is today! (Saturday) I FINALLY took some pictures. It’s been a while since I posted any recent photos! I was so inspired by my little dying tulip last week that I did a little photo shoot with it. It actually never opened up, and I was disappointed because that is my favourite part about a tulip. They are usually so beautiful inside, its like a little secret surprise when they open up to show off a beautifully vibrant interior. Since mine were pretty close to death, I decided to dissect them to find out what treasures of colour were inside! Lots of colour!!! The second thing I love most about the tulip is all of those delecate little vertical lines that run up and down the petals. I became obsessed with capturing the texture and colour of the petals. When I was done shooting I realized I had taken about 60 photographs in ten minutes (kind of scary…). I edited way down and here is what’s left for you to see! Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed! PS-Spring is only ten days away!!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Tulipa!

  1. well that’s just gorgeous. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, and they do die incredibly beautifully. So much fun to photography and you did an excellent job. Not surprised you managed 60 photos but I’m in awe of your selection editing skills!

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