Tuesdoodles….on Wendesday.

I’m embarking on a new project!! I won’t tell too much about it here until later. I am practicing my turn of the century ladies!! It’s so great to venture down a different road for a bit. I really enjoyed making these drawings, and really I couldn’t have started them on a better day. Yesterday was a bit of a hectic morning for me…had to get some not so fun things out of the way, and coming home to sit down and draw really was therapeutic. I sat for a couple of hours working away on these sketches and got so into it that the time (and my worries) literally melted away!! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did making them! More to come!

oh…and also, I made this card (it took a couple takes….it was a painful day in the studio…)

C’est toute! Come back soon!

18 thoughts on “Tuesdoodles….on Wendesday.

  1. I’m always so amazed by how the faces of your characters are so expressive, no matter how understated or simple they are! You’ve got the touch to really make them come alive!

  2. Great drawings, and after a too-much digital day, nothings soothes pixel overload like some nice hand-drawn lines (I like the second and third drawings the best).

  3. These are beautiful! Yes, I agree with Jason, too much digital some days for me. I love traditional techniques. I also work on the computer most every day all day (graphic designer). So when I get time to just sit and draw or paint, it is so refreshing! As are your drawings!

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