Monkey Steps.

Ahh…I’m home early from work this afternoon and feeling rather cozy. It’s so toasty in my apartment, and a snow storm is just beginning outside.

I guess lately I haven’t been working as much as I’d like on drawings and doodles and the like. It’s always harder to keep a flow of ideas when you suddenly stop for a few days, and then try to get back into it. Right now I feel like I just want to experiment and have fun and see where things lead. The other day I really had no idea what to draw, but I took a look through many of my sketchbooks (and realized I’ve filled more sketchbooks this past year than any other year in my life) and I found some little monkey sketches that inspired me enough to make a new illustration.

I thought to make it a little more fun I’d give you a step by step photo-collage of my process. I call it:


Monkey 1 is the inspirational monkey…there is actually a monkey before him too that I sketched from a photograph of a real monkey a long, long time ago. Here is the finished monkey:

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday afternoon. Stay tuned for more!!!

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