Shadow Voices: An Idea is Born from Words!

A few days ago I posted some strange little sketches. Remember those?
I decided to make one of them into a little painting on paper. I hadn’t really painted anything fun in a while so I thought I’d give it a go!

and finally….

I’m not really sure where all this is going, but I’ll take  it! I had alot of fun making it, and really that’s all that matters! (to me anyways). The story behind Shadow voices?  Well basically, a few friends were gathered and one of them was taking off to walk home, and he said something about walking home in the dark and how he will have to listen to all of the shadow voices. I’d never quite heard that term before and it sparked my imagination. I immediately grabbed my sketchbook and the above is what came out of it. I find more and more that I am inspired by words. They conjure up images in my head.

Well…..Today is Tuesday! My favourite day to sit at my desk and work away on something new. I hope everyone is doing great! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Shadow Voices: An Idea is Born from Words!

  1. Happy Tuesday! I love the painting and your process! Do you think the shadow voice is happy or sad? Just wondering, because he makes me happy in a way!

  2. Great post; if there’s one thing I love more than illustration, it’s the illustration process. The painting itself is fun and nicely executed, and I love the shots of your workspace. There’s just something about a paints, brushes, palettes, artist tape, and other sundry supplies that a desk full of digital can’t compete with (not to diminish digital, though…)

    • Thanks! I agree! I love to get my hands dirty. I love peeling off the tape to reveal a nice crisp edge too! It’s all very much a little ritual for me. I make some tea, light a candle or incense, turn on my little lamp, fill my cup with water, tack down some paper and begin! And of course there is always choosing the right music…very important step!

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