Sunday Snaps

Goodmornin’ everyone!
Just another grey, cold, snowy day in Halifax NS. Me and my camera have not been best buds as of late. I know I said this last week too…but I just can’t get myself to go out and take pictures!! Yesterday would have been a great day for a walk with my camera, the sun was out, and it was warm! The wind however was insane. I almost blew away on my short trek to the grocery store (we live directly across from it). Instead I spent my day making some crazy music and drinking lots of club soda.

SOooo, I present you with some photos from the past! I have a feeling I may have posted a few of these before…hopefully not too many of them though! These images were taken on a little tour of Nova Scotia with my sisters and mom a couple of summers back. Voila!

Ok c’est tout! I woke up early this morning ready to spend the entire day at my art desk!! Stay tuned! Also check back tomorrow for an awesome Featured Artist! You won’t be disappointed!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps

  1. I LOVE these pictures! What software did you edit them on? It’s so nice that I ‘stumbled’ upon your blog today! I love reading blogs from my fellow Canadians!

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