Doodle Days

Hey everyone! What a crazy week!! I’ve been really busy working at the shop and I haven’t really had the time or energy to sit down and work intensely on any artwork lately. I have managed to pick up my sketchbook and make some really strange doodles however.

It’s funny…these crazy kind of drawings really remind me of all the weird stuff I used to draw as a teenager. Sometimes I look back on those old sketchbooks and think that I was a little more fearless back then because my drawings were just straight out of my imagination, and usually very, very weird! I am usually pretty self-conscious about my weirdness, and my weird sketches because I think that someone is going to take one look at my whacky doodles and think “that girl is mental!!”. BUT what’s wrong with a little weird? Keeps things from getting stale and boring! A little weird is good for all!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my weird doodles….these must be the types of things that live in the back of my brain!

I think the last one may just become a little painting tomorrow afternoon. As for THIS afternoon, I think I’ll try my hand at some music making.
If you are looking for some good tunes you should check out my/my boyfriends music AND his other band Night Surf (definitely worth a listen!!) Have a great Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Doodle Days

  1. As one artist intoned: “learn to draw like an amateur”. For me, I like to keep one sketchbook just for drawing with reckless abandon. The drawing may appear to suck, but it usually comes out to be 99% nothingess, and 1% gem in the form of a line, detail, or some other element that I really just like and would plan to use again.

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