Pop-In and check out these Pop-Ups!

Hello to everyone! This morning I am posting to a much larger audience! How exciting! Hi to all of the brand new subscribers that signed up over the past 24 hours! If you haven’t heard or seen, one of my older Featured Artist posts has been featured on Freshly Pressed just yesterday bringing in a whole whack of people! I welcome you all to keep reading and replying! On with the show……

So…I’m teaching again in a month and I have two classes this time. One of them is called Storytelling and Pop-Up Books for little wee ones (ages 5-7). I’m still not completely sorted out on the exact projects yet, and I’ve been thinking about it so much trying to decide what would be best and make sense for that age group etc. etc. Sometimes thinking too much can really hurt your brain, and your production. For me its best if I just dig right in and see what the outcome is later. I’m not much of a planner….but in this case I have to be!

I decided I would just try messing around with a basic pop-up technique at home. I think this one is called “the box”. It’s extremely basic but you can take it so mannny places. I turned my box pop ups into 3D buildings! Just the ones I have been doodling for the past while, but 3D! How cool is that?? I got so excited making all of these little pop ups. In the back of my mind I’ve wanted to experiment in pop ups for YEARS. I just never got around to it. All of a sudden I have the chance to teach, and learn myself! I am really in love with pop-ups, and I will keep on experimenting with them for sure.

Here are all of my experiments from a few days ago…they are a little rough..but as I said, more to come!!!

I hope everyone is having a really great Tuesday! I’m gonna go make more pop-ups…..

13 thoughts on “Pop-In and check out these Pop-Ups!

    • Oh good! I am actually getting ready to teach a class to 5 year olds called Storytelling and Pop Up Books. I would reccomend checking out this website creating by a really amazing paper engineer (he actually went to school to learn to make pop-ups! A degree in Paper Engineering!) Robert Sabuda has great projects for kids here:
      Robert Sabuda

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