My Blooming Valentine:

Did everyone have a happy valentines day??
I’ve been so busy the past two days working hard for all the boys (and some ladies too!) to help them get their flowers for valentines day! We had lots of fun though, and now it is all over and done!! Time to get back into some drawing! For valentines day my boss gave me the most beautiful gift!!!! Check it out!:

oh my heart! I love cymbid orchids so much. They are just a wonder to me. They represent how amaaazing and beautiful life can grow. I was so inspired the other morning that I spent some time really looking at my new pal, and made a few little drawings.

I’ve been dreaming of orchids now! When I close my eyes, I see cymbids! I just love looking at them and studying all of their little details. A beautifully crafted bloom!

Well I am heading back to my art desk now to work on some whacky ideas. Hope everyone is well, and happy (belated) valentines day!

PS-I can’t discredit my boyfriend here either! Last night he had dinner all ready for me when I got home from a looong day. Lobster and mussels and a giant chocolate bar for dessert! YUM!!!

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