Featured Artist: Mark Hall-Patch

Are you keeping warm this winter? Maybe these amazing sweater illustrations by today’s feature Mark Hall-Patch will bring you warmth! I really love when an object can stand alone and tell a story. When I look at these sweaters I can try to imagine who might wear them, and why they are ripped/warm out. They are almost like portraits of people, without the people. Clothes can say alot, especially a favourite old sweater. They all sort of have a nostalgic quality to them too. It’s the details in each drawing that allows you to really take them a step further in your own imagination. I am drawn to these sweaters,because I have a funny thing with sweaters. I love to wear a friend’s old sweater when I sit down at my art desk. I go through different sweaters over time, and then revisit the old ones, but for some reason there is nothing better than a friend’s old unwanted sweater keeping you warm.. Think about it! Visit Mark’s website to see more awesome stuff!

One thought on “Featured Artist: Mark Hall-Patch

  1. I love these! Imagine how much time Mark must spend with each sweater, examining each stitch and fold and mark. Each little stitch is a little piece of mysterious history. Good one, thanks!!

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