Sunday Snaps: Once Upon a Summer

Once upon a summer me and a handful of gal pals decided to bid one of our best friends goodbye by spending a beautiful weekend at her cottage which was located right beside one of the wonders of the word The Bay of Fundy. It was to be our last weekend all together with her, and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and epic day. We had almost arrived at the cottage, singing our guts out to Madonna’s Just Like a Prayers and braving the bumpy muddy dirt road, when we crashed the car into a ditch. We were really screaming then!! The car was resting itself on a sturdy little branch sticking out from the mud. It kept us all from rolling into the ditch. We were afraid to move, or get out of the car thinking we might end up rolling the car over! Yikes!! We slowly evacuated and walked up the dirt road for help. In the end, the car was towed, and we all made it safely to the cottage. PHEWF! I’ll never forget that weekend. Nova Scotia is so amazingly beautiful. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes the entire time I was there. The scenery was unreal! Please enjoy these pictures of our weekend from over three summers ago!

Ahh…I am ready for summer now. You? Enjoy your Sunday!

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