I love my plants enough to stare at them for four hours on my day off.

Sometimes I need a little break from all the types of things that I normally work on. I like to make different things all the time, and so when I start to get into the habit of making the same types of things (like buildings, landscapes….etc) I try to switch it up a bit. Eventually I go back to what I was doing, and keep going, but sometimes I get stuck in ideas or techniques until I get sick of them. Right now I am in that stage. I have Tuesdays off from work so today I decided I would spent the morning doing whatever I wanted at my art desk. My first inspiration this morning came from one of my little plants that I am trying to root. I noticed that it has started to bloom little yellow flowers. Since it hasn’t bloomed in FOREVER, I took this as a sign that it is happy! It’s even starting to grow some roots, and soon I can re-pot it.

I know it might sound crazy, but I pay pretty close attention to my plants, because often they tell me things. They are very symbolic. I know some people might think it’s kind of boring and un-original to paint your plants  but they mean alot to me personally. They are a constant reminder of growth, re-birth, persistence, determination and even good luck (all of  my plants magically sprouted clovers one summer in their respective pots, I took it as a sign of good luck). To paint my plants is to spend time with them and reminder to pay close attention to the beauty that is around me every day! Here is what I made:

that’s it for today! I am off to work on a super secret project now!


9 thoughts on “I love my plants enough to stare at them for four hours on my day off.

  1. Wow, I think these are really great! I noticed the first drawing in your studio last night- it’s such a striking little piece! So detailed and confident looking- to me, it looks like a symbol of vulnerability and strength. Love it.

    • Thanks Mike!!! I MEAN…Alyssa!!! I guess I my love for my plants really does shine through in these drawings. I really got into them too. It’s nice to really spend time starting at something beautiful. I think its good for you too!

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