shape up or ship out!

I feel like I’ve been slacking a little this week in the art making department! Getting back into it today was a little rough, so I decided I would just sketch and doodle for a while this afternoon. I’ve noticed myself being drawn to certain shapes. I keep thinking about shapes, and how they can become so many different things in different contexts. A simple square or circle can be transformed into 100 different things depending on its surroundings, and its situation. Shapes adapt to their surroundings and situations like animals and people. I thought, I’ll take this little arched shape with a flat bottom and challenge it. See what I can do with it in eleven different ways (initially 12 different ways…but it looks like I forgot one! I’ll have to finish it later!!!). So here is how a portion of my afternoon was spent:

A good little exercise to keep my creative brain in some kind of shape. Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one!!!

3 thoughts on “shape up or ship out!

  1. Haha, such a fun exercise. We had to do something similar in college. Everyone got a subject (mine was gumball machine) and we had to represent it 100 different ways in a big grid of 3×3 squares or something. After 50…things started getting hairy.

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