getting down to business.

So….I’ve been trying to accomplish alot lately! Trying to get the ball rolling I guess. I’ve been working on making myself some business cards so that maybe I will start to think and feel more like a professional artist. I know I’m not really truly there yet, but I thought it might help get me into gear. I have lots of plans and things to make! Postcards, and mini prints are on the way, as well as prints of my original artwork. I am working on a little stock pile so that I can sell my work on etsy in the near future.

Here is a prototype for my business cards:

I actually think this one is going to be tweaked too! I’m not totally convinced on that cloud looming over my name. Maybe its a little too gloomy.
I spent the rest of my afternoon experimenting….Its been a while-ish since I’ve sat down to make something so today I felt a little stiff. Here is one of my experiments:

I was inspired by all of the little watercolour test strips that I save. I love looking at them for colour inspiration. I think they are beautiful, and the funny thing is they aren’t something I consciously focus on. They are just tests for colour!

Lastly, some funny doodles I re-discovered in my sketchbook from my flight home to Ontario for the holidays…

I don’t know where those little chickens came from….but they are here to stay! It’s funny, I think if I tried to recreate them I would totally fail. To me those little doodles don’t look like anything I would ever normally do! I must have been channeling the chickens!

I hope everyone is having a good week thus far! Happy Tuesdeeee!


5 thoughts on “getting down to business.

  1. Haha, channel those chickens! I love the little rain drops. They can be rain drops and also any other kind of drops!..and good font choice!! Keep it up, keep it up!! You are a real artist!

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