little grey Wednesday…..

something I made yesterday afternoon. It’s much bigger than the little 4″x5″ works I was making. I thought I’d experiment with a different size and see what happens. I think its too early for me to judge this one. I can’t tell if I love it or hate it! It was a good experiment though, and the main thing was that I learned that it’s important to finish something even if in the middle you have sort of given up on it. Just keep going…consider it a chance to try new things out. Voila:


In other news….I am planning on REALLY getting geared up to sell on etsy. I hope some of you readers out there are interested? The first project I am going to dig into is a postcard set, and then I will start working on selling original works and prints of those originals. Sound good? If anyone out there is ever interested in any of my work you can email (see contact me page) me and we can figure out a prince and shipping too! Happy Wednesday to ya!

4 thoughts on “little grey Wednesday…..

  1. I like your point here. I had to learn this as well – sometimes I have to learn it again and again – that when a work goes “belly up, yick, kablooey, WRoNG etc.” that is the point at which it gets exciting – that is the point at which I can let go of what I thought I was doing and trying so carefully to hold onto that the work became stiffled. …or may be more accurately I Became Stiffled. once the work no longer works the way I had thought I wanted it to be I am free to explore and discover/uncover the beauty of what the work actually is, and out of this, what it can become. the key is simple; continue to work on through that yick-point until I get to the other side. I will get to the other side if I just keep working. almost always on the other side is an amazing and beautiful never-before-seen work that wows me. I like that. thank you for reminding me.

    I like this work. in time I believe you will discover whether you like it a lot – or not at all – too. good luck on etsy. aloha.

    • Agreed! I feel like learning how to learn is such a big step! To be able to keep pushing through the mistakes is always a rewarding experience. Even if in the end the work doesn’t turn out it usually has helped me arrive to a new destination, and new knowledge that I can carry on into the next thing. I think this is the most exciting thing about making art! Constantly learning new things on your own!
      It’s an excellent place to be in, when you are able to let loose and experiment instead of feeling stiff because you have an idea in your head as to how things SHOULD be going. It’s also a great motto for living in general!
      Thanks for all the wise words! 🙂

  2. I really like this work! I think it is very expressive. I think it really captures the feeling of a cloudy, rainy day. It reminds me of being stuck at work and thinking about all the beauty that waits outside. What technique/materials did you use for the bulidings and clouds? The texture is really cool. Keep creating!

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