new places

This morning I woke up at an indecent time. I’m having serious problems getting back to reality since my little holiday to Ontario. Sometimes my dreams are so intense that I can’t wake up! Maybe I am just sleeping way too long. I’m praying that I can get over it by the end of this week! I’m feeling a little out of touch with my normal pre-Christmas self! (The one who wakes up early and gets down to work!!). I am a morning person.I know this because when I wake up later than 9am I feel really disappointed! I love getting up and getting started on my day, but lately not so much. Winter sometimes tends to have this effect on me.

Anyways…onto the art portion of this post.

I’ve been asked to submit some tiny works for a show here in town, and so I’ve been chipping away on these little babies this week. So far I have a few done….
I can submit a maximum of five pieces and some of these I’m not so sure about, so I think I’ll keep cracking until the end of the week and then see what I have. I love making these though, and yesterday I made some little discoveries along the way!
It’s kind of whacky but I think I’m heading in a new direction, which is exciting because I feel like I’ve been pumping out the same sort of things for too long! The work above was just me being experimental. I decided I didn’t like the power tower things, and that this piece was no good but I kept building and experimenting on top of what I didn’t like. In the process I became very excited about what was happening. The end result is, like I said,kind of weird but I like it. I think because its a little new and different and it is also a combination of things I’ve been doing separately, and now both are starting to come together. My second attempt….

This one compared to the first one seems a little less imaginative to me…but I’m still into it.

And here are a few pieces that I made previous to the ones I have just showed:

So I guess now I’m on a new and interesting track! I love being in this headspace because I feel there are so many possibilities. I think I might have been stuck in a little rut for a bit, but no more! New and interesting things to come! Hope everyone is having a good week!

4 thoughts on “new places

  1. Congrats on the show! Keep experimenting–that’s the fun part–and you will get there! I like where those are going.

  2. I really like the power line one–but that could be the nerdy engineer coming out in me. 🙂

    I’d love to know when the show is!

    • Hi Cathy!
      The show starts on Friday December 27th at the Argyle Fine Art on Barrington St. and goes until Feb. 16th. It’s a BIG group show with tons of artists and all tiny work! Very cool!

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