From the Heart

PTomorrow notes one year of The Heart of Art! This year has gone by faster than no other. Maybe I’m getting older or busier? Maybe I’ve forgotten how to slow down and take a step back, and take a moment to look at the big picture?

I stand by this statement with all of my heart “ART imitates LIFE” and vice versa “LIFE imitates ART” .

Just as it is in painting or drawing, as it is in life, it is invaluable to step back and take a look at the whole of what you’ve been working on. Of your work, of your life, and of yourself. Step back from that place of creativity and the place where your mind is so intensely wrapped into something and see how everything is connecting. FInd out how what you’ve been doing in the past has lead you do where you are now.

For me this year has been about production. My mind has been more intensely than ever working and idea-making.  I’ve only just realized this week (I’ve been doing nothing but relaxing and drinking wine!) that I’ve had such a crazy and amazing year of ideas, drawings, reading, jobs, and meeting new and wonderful people. This blog has been a guide for myself. It helps me stay on track. This year that is about to pass has been the most productive year of my life! Probably one of the craziest too, considering I had about 5 jobs on top of it all….some good some bad, but I have learned something from each! Blogging ideas and sketches etc. has really helped me find a new way to express myself. I have also discovered so many wonderful artists this year thanks to my Featured Artist Mondays. I am so inspired! I can never get enough of art, and boy is there more than I’ll ever be able to see!

So for the new year, which may also bring craziness, I have vowed to try and take my time. Slow it down. In my  brain (which I also discovered I am ALWAYS in) I think that everything needs to be done at high speeds. I speed through everything I do, and jump into the next thing. I guess it’s that I know I have so much I want to do, and so I’m worried about how I might pack it all into a lifetime. Then I have to remind myself that I am 26 years old, and hopefully have a very long journey ahead. It’s really nice to have a lot to show for, but if none of it means anything, there really isn’t a point is there?

Thanks to so many people who keep reading, and the people who believe that art is just as important as eating and sleeping. Not only fine art, but any art!  Writing, reading, dancing, music making, knitting, woodworking…etc. etc. Whatever it is you do, if you do it with your hands and your heart, I salute you! Never doubt that what you CAN do is important  TO do! If you aren’t a hands on person, be the person who can find beauty all around, no matter what is going on, or where you are, or if it is fleeting (which beauty always is no?) find it and  hold it in your heart. Carry it with you, and pass it on! Please do! And you will see the world new!

Wishing all my readers a very happy and beautiful new year!

PS-Look forward to more posts in the New Year! (I won’t be updating this blog til after I arrive home on Wednesday Jan 4th) Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “From the Heart

  1. Happy New Year! Hope you had a good Xmas in ON. Can’t wait to find a spot to put up my B.C. original artwork. 🙂

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