chipping away

Lately  I’ve been so busy working that I’ve little time to my self! Starting last Sunday I’m ploughing through at 13 day work week and so far, so good!

I’ve found it very exciting that the more I do, the more I can do. This is not to say that I can keep going and going like the energizer bunny, but I can push my limits! It’s energizing! I’ve been working on top secret x mas projects at night after work,and so far I’ve been pretty successful at staying on track. Normally I would just come home and call it a day, but those days are gone! After supper I get to right work and an hour or so later I have accomplished something small and I feel good! I feel settled and calm, and I can go to sleep with less on my mind. It’s common sense, but letting things go too long (anything really) can be a real energy zapper. If you leave one thing, and then another, and another, just thinking about it makes you tired! It actually becomes tiring to constantly put things off. So, here I am breaking the cycle by getting up and gettin’ er done!

here are some things I’ve been working on, but can’t reveal much! (sorry, you’ll have to wait!!)

pictured below, is one design in a strange Christmas card series I started working on two years ago I found while rummaging through my art stash. Does anyone else love the Golden Girls as much as I do??

…a beautiful little ornament I bought this year. I decided I would slowly start collecting ornaments. One a year! This is my first one.

I’m hoping you are not too drained by the holiday season and all the craziness that comes with it! Take time to enjoy all of it! Even if you are tired!!

2 thoughts on “chipping away

    • not too shabby ;). I bet now that I’ve posted this online, I will see betty white x mas cards for sale next year in Hallmark! I think someone actually showed my shortly after I invented the cards, that there were already golden girls cards out there! Crazy!

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