Drawing. You can do it anywhere…

It’s totally acceptable!
On my way home from the mall yesterday, I whipped out my sketchbook and doodled some images inspired by people I saw. They aren’t really portraits…they are more like impressions of people who were either outside as I was passing by, or on the bus. I really get into a groove drawing like this. Sometimes I feel a little self conscious drawing in such an enclosed public space, but its also kind of thrilling…thinking that people you don’t know are sort of exposed to a very personal part of you. A little weird no?

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that it’s important for me to carry around a sketchbook or notebook. Not only to sketch in, but to help me remember things. Anything really! I have such a bad memory, especially when its some kind of idea I have in a short moment. It tends to fade pretty fast and even the excitement of the idea can fade quickly. When I jot it down I am able to look back months later to discover something fresh about that idea, or to rediscover what I might have forgotten by then! It really helps keep me on a mental track.

I love to draw faces, and so many times I deny myself that pleasure! I’ve always drawn faces…its the first thing I doodle when I’m not really thinking about much. I guess for a long time I’ve been trying to challenge myself past that, because I think I go right to faces because they are easy for me. They are fun too though! I love the way they pull together in the end. When I start they are very abstract looking scribbles, and by the end I have a person! Maybe I’ll video tape it sometime and make my own little Mystery of Picasso style video.

A funny side note is, that I have a really terrible time remembering people’s faces (unless they are very distinct) AND I tend not to look at people’s faces too long in most situations.

It’s sooo good to keep drawing, whenever you can squeeze it in (if you draw that is! maybe you write?). I haven’t had any time lately to sit at my desk and get down to business, but I’m still trying wherever I can and I’m very happy with that!
Hope you are having a good week! (we’re getting there!…to the weekend that is!)

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