December Encore

December again!! Did anyone else find this year to go by exceptionally fast?? It’s nearly been an entire year of blogging. I honestly feel like I started last month. Crazy. This evening I spent some time researching Thaumatropes. I thought, instead of making Christmas cards tomorrow in class we’d make these neat old fashioned Victorian era toys. Simple and fun! Basically you are creating an optical illusion! Find instructions here to make your own!

Tomorrow is my second last class. Five weeks come and gone! I feel mighty behind and lacking in Christmas spirit this year. Not sure exactly what it is. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until I arrive home and am with my family. Maybe if I decorate a little around here I will start to get into it!
This picture of Luke Perry that I found hanging around in one of my studio drawers got me into some kind of a laughing spirit. I hung it up on my wall just for laughs. I love hanging things that make me giggle…kind of like how you’d hang pictures of strange things in your locker back in high school. Come to think of it…I’m pretty sure I had a funny picture of David Suzuki wearing nothing but some foliage hanging in mine plus some x files pictures. What did you hang in yours??

C’est toute. I am less on the art making train these days. Slowly slowing down as you can tell from my posts I’m sure! I’m too busy!! It’s sad but true! I try to fit in time whenever I can though! I’ve had time for baking lately…I’ve been baking gingerbread loaves, tea biscuits…..mmm. I guess cold weather brings out the baker in me.

yes..that is breakfast ON bed! Eaten in bed. I hope I didn’t make you hungry! Or tired?
I hope you enjoy a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “December Encore

  1. Hungry indeed!
    I am digging that shirt that Luke Perry is wearing, haha! My locker in high school was plastered with all kinds of photos of friends and animals an funny pictures of my favorite bands at the time. At the end of my graduating year, I felt it was such an accomplishment that I laminated the whole thing in packing tape and pealed it off the inside of my locker in one big piece. I might even still have it hanging around somewhere!
    Bon weekend!

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