Ok so….all weekend long I had been pining for this beautiful mini cymbid orchid that we had in the shop. Being too broke to spend $11.00 on the stem, I left empty handed on Friday. I thought about her on my walk home, and when I woke up on Saturday morning too. Maybe some people reading are already thinking “wow…this girl has a problem!!” but if you were in her presence you would fall instantly in love too! I prayed that she would still be there on Monday morning so that maybe I could just take her home! Despite my shallow pockets, I made the purchase and I could never regret it!
today I spend ALOT of time with my new friend. I decided to finally unwrap my wooden canvas board and start in on a painting of her. I haven’t painted in a WHILE! It’s always a little rough getting started when you’ve been away so long.The images below illustrate my progression so far on this piece!

I can really get wrapped up in the details, and when I paint from life I find that I have been trained to paint exactly what I see. This time I am trying to focus more on the colours, and the shapes to inspire a painting. I want it to be more exciting and passionate than just a painting of an orchid. Hopefully I will get it to that point! Still working on it! It feels so nice to have a painting on the go in the background of everything else that is going on right now.

So…just a few glamor shots of my new friend to end today’s post.

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “me+her

  1. Beautiful! I love her! I have been itching for an Orchid too lately. Also, your eyebrows look awesome, hahaha.

  2. beautiful! a species i don’t get to see in the gardens at work! Can’t wait to see the progress on your new painting 🙂 it’s so exciting trying something new!

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