I thought I’d throw a little something beautiful out there today. We had a messy snowstorm here in Halifax yesterday! At first I thought it was so beautiful, and then I remembered how awful it is to trudge through the snow with holey boots!!!  Anyhow…I’ve discovered some new apps, and although I’m not sure how I feel about all these filtery things that everyone’s been into these days, I think they look pretty neat, and have the power to time travel images. I also wonder though, do these old-timey filters magically make every photo look cool?  Is everyone a photographer these days?


Maybe I’m thinking too much again. My other questions is…..why? Why does an over exposed image look so cool? Or an old negative that’s been sitting in the sun too long? Or expired film? I’m kind of fascinated by it all. Maybe we are already missing our old film cameras, and to make an digital image look like an image on film brings us back in time, and makes us feel good. What do you think? Everyone and their dog owns a fancy digital SLR these days. Where does that image addiction come from? Nostalgia is such a funny thing.

Well, Keep clicking away!! Enjoy your Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. These are good questions? Why do we like the look of that which is faded (in an image that is)? For me, there’s a strange comfort and softness, I feel, like the image is oddly at peace with itself, almost as if it knows itself better than I do. I guess all the imperfections breath a sort of life into the piece. Just thoughts. Is this photo from hipstamatic for iphone? That’s what I use. I pretty much just use those kinds of photos on my blog now, as I like giving my space a kind of continuity. Yesterday I spent way too much time trying to photograph my favorite old broken dishes, with my dog, in the afternoon rain. I kept worrying I was going to ruin my phone as it was getting wet, but I was overtaken with the urge to memorialize my pretty broken things.

    • I am really into taking photos too. Its this crazy urge I get…..I just want to be able to keep all the beauty alive because all of it is fleeting! Maybe it makes me feel safe, surrounded by images of beautiful things I once experienced or saw. If I don’t have a camera on me I tend to stare, and try to soak in all the details!
      Its a funny thing that nostalgic feeling….I guess images automatically lend themselves to the notion of nostalgia. That rough quality sort of brings that to light immediately, even if its a new photograph. So interesting! Everything new is old again….hah!

      • I know, and then when you start feeding your eye the beauty, it suddenly gets very hungry and begins to see everything as something it might like to ingest. The beauty just starts jumping out at you from everywhere. Cameras help with managing this dire condition:).

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