Dear Sketchbook

I literally cannot believe an entire week has flown by. It’s Friday tomorrow already, and one post is all I’ve made! Yowza! To be honest I haven’t even picked up a paintbrush in about two weeks. I have been sketching here and there though, and reading, and writing, and photographing. I’ve even been singing a little, and working on a very special top secret song that will probably get pooled in with Little Wind’s music, which is a little musical experiment I rarely work on with Shawn. I’d love to get more into music…..who knows. So much on the go!

So the other day I was really looking at all of my sketches, and I realized a few things.
1. I’ve sketched and doodled more this year than ever and have filled numerous sketchbooks and notebooks with ideas etc.

2. I draw many cats

3. I draw alot of little doodles that, looking back on, have loads of potential to become more than just a little doodle.

I actually view my sketchbook now as a visual diary of my life. When I doodle I don’t really tend to think too hard about what it is that I’m doodling. I just go for it, and usually just disregard whatever it is I have drawn. Flipping through the other day I saw that I really am interested in everything around me. Aside from doodles in my sketchbooks and notebooks there are messages to myself (reminders, dates, phone numbers, appointments etc. ) AND notes to Shawn (grocery list, a note saying I’m out with so and so…etc.) . So to me it really is a reflection of my life. And I love it so much. You can actually look at my sketchbook and understand me a little. You can see what I was thinking of (or trying to remember), learning about or what I was up to at a particular time.

For instance there is one section in my sketchbook where I was learning about seeds (this was around springtime),plants, and germination. I drew many seeds, and then seedlings growing, etc. There is another section with just animals, another with just jellyfish, another with just old sitcom characters (Steve Urkel)…..another with just flowers. Artists tend keep their sketchbooks under wraps. I usually only show my sketchbooks to close friends in fear that people who don’t know me looking at my sketches will know too much too fast! I can also be very self conscious about my sketches.  For me my sketchbook is the one place where I can just be myself, good or bad, or weird, or sad. That is what makes it so genuine, and in fact I find alot of the things that rest in my sketchbook much more interesting than the art I sit down to make on a canvas, because it is so raw and not over worked or disrupted with too much thinking or re doing and refining.

So …a little peek into my world:

It looks like I’ll be working three jobs for the next little while…..but I am vowing right now to keep sketching through it! I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday evening!

One thought on “Dear Sketchbook

  1. i love going through all my sketchbooks and rediscovering old doodles and thoughts. i’ve never shown anyone inside my journals and sketchbooks… the thought terrifies me. my blog is the first place i’ve put any of my sketches out there… which i find much easier than having someone i know look at them. i have a million plans to recreate sketches into paintings and larger pieces of art, but i rarely seem to make it happen. my creations are “safe” in their pretty little bindings. recently i find myself loving raw sketches… as is. i just got one in the mail that i bought on Etsy and i can’t stop looking at it… and i can’t wait to show it off in my blog. (-: much easier showing off other people’s art! Very nice sketches, thanks for sharing!

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