Sunday Snaps

It’s such a pretty Sunday here in Halifax today! Many of the leaves have turned a beautiful bright yellow which is such a good combo against a clear blue sky. Dreamy!! Here are some snaps from this mornin’.

I am still working on my leaf are four new finds:

some clovers growing in my studio…They always appear growing in with my other plants. I don’t even know how they got in! I consider it a good sign though.

some Liatrus and Protea…

and of course…little Potato hangin’ out in the sun.

It’s been an action packed weekend for me! I’ve been working alot, and yesterday was my first Holiday Craft Class! With Christmas time coming up, I’m not sure how much extra time I will have to keep arting and blogging. Only time will tell! I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday! I think I’ll spend my day making mushroom soup, and finishing a book…and maybe picking up a paintbrush…Adios for now!

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