Hey everyone…

I just finished a little watercolour…another Protea, but this time I painted from observation. I LOVE Protea.

I’m kinda pumped about this one! I drew inspiration from old floral drawings…thus all of the exciting directional lines you see in my watercolour. I used pencil to finish off my work, just to give it the little perks it needed.  AND even better…I remembered to put this one on watercolour paper. Weehaw!

ALSO, I have finally finished a proper batch of greeting cards, and they are packaged and ready to sell!

these guys are for sale at The Flower Shop on Granville St. (if anyone is around the area come in and check out our flowers!)

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday. I am getting ready for a looong weekend (with a little working in between) AND my first day of Christmas crafting with kids!

3 thoughts on “Protea!

  1. Your cards look amazing! I am a graphic designer myself… well more of a web developer. hehe Anyways, I always appreciate good art. – Eric

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