Goodbye Old Friend

This morning I took some time to draw a picture of my family dog Allie, who we are saying goodbye to today. I am so sad I can’t be there to say goodbye, or to be with my family. I can hardly believe it’s her time already. It feels like we just adopted her into our home! Allie has always been a good friend, especially to my little sister Hannah. I know Allie will rest happily, as she was well loved by her family. I will never forget her beautiful golden coat, and her smile.

It’s funny..if anyone remembers the post I made just last week of me and my dog dancing together in the sun. I kind of knew something was up when I awoke from that dream, maybe Allie was saying goodbye. She will be greatly missed in our family.

Hope everyone is having a really beautiful Tuesday morning

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Friend

  1. My heart goes out to you. A lovely dog, and a wonderful drawing. I still think of my privious dog daily, even though I love Digger. Just blogged about him! They are such a big part of a family.

  2. Lovely post. Pets are part of the family and in their compressed lives, compared to ours, lets us experience both their childhood and old age.

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