Dancing With My Dog

Do you ever have amazingly comforting dreams that make you feel so good when you wake up? Last night I dreamed I was dancing with my family dog, who is very elderly and can barely walk these days. I live far from my family, and so I only get to see my old doggie about once a year. So last night I had this beautiful dream in which my dog and I enjoyed a beautiful dance together in the sunny summer sun in front of the Halifax Public Library. I felt so happy…and kids were watching us dance. Then we took a nice little snooze together on the warm grass, my head against her thick golden coat. So lovely……
Anyhow….onto the art part. I was thinking today as I was working away how fortunate I am to be able to be creative in so many facets of my life! I have two very creative jobs, one at a flower shop, and the other as an art teacher. In my spare time, before work, and after work, I am either painting, making cards, or felting….always keeping my hands busy. No matter what I do, I am creating, or being inspired to create! What a great place to be! Sooo…here are some things I’ve been working on today:

I finally used up the last of my little frames! Wahoo! One of my goals has been to use up all of the canvases, and weird little frames and odds and ends that are just hanging around in my studio.

Second…my little Protea painting. Do you know what a Protea is? It is such a beautiful flower. I thought I just spend a little time painting today…get back into it. So I painted this little Protea from memory. We just got some beautiful Protea in the shop this week…and I’ve also been inspired by a book of old floral illustrations that a friend brought in to work this week. Unfortunately I accidentally painted this on non-watercolour paper..and its quite wrinkly. I guess I’ll just have to try again another day!

Well, I’m off to work to build a giant gingerbread house! Have a good Friday! (I almost wrote Thursday..is it Friday again already!?)

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