cards and yes….Christmas Crafts…well,sort of.

Heya…some things I’ve been working on today:

I think I’m just about ready to sell my little cards! I’ve also started working on Christmas things…

These little planets as I call them were originally in my brain going to be Christmas ornaments…but somehow I let them turn into these…and I’m not sure if they are Christmas ornaments or NOT, but I am addicted to making them. Has anyone else ever needle felted before?? Me and my sis have big plans to make the bulk of our Christmas gifts this year, so we have to get cracking! I’ll keep you posted on our projects!
Hope your Tuesday is sailin’ smooth!

4 thoughts on “cards and yes….Christmas Crafts…well,sort of.

  1. These are such lovely and inspiring things.
    I’ve done some felting before. You can make wire frames and felt around them, so the figures are posable. I got my inspiration from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which was all felted. I made a fox and a stately rabbit with glasses last year. Those are wonderful first felting projects you made! I hope you don’t have too many battle scars.

  2. Love the felt planets! You should name them all.
    Great prints, love them! Keep all this going…

    – s

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