the cure to a gloomy day: put your energy into creativity

Oh the GLOOM of it all! Seriously. Normally the weather doesn’t get to me. Maybe its not all entirely the weather to blame, but I’ve been feeling down in the dumps today. I slept in pretty late, which usually isn’t a good start for me. I’m kind of neurotic that way…I like to get up at a decent time so I can start my day! So I slept in, and all sorts of little annoyances kept creeping up throughout the morning. I won’t get into them because there’s no point in passing on the negativity, plus I’m sure you have your own crazyness too! On top of it all…once I finally got my butt out of my house to relieve some of the stress, I nearly witnessed a boy get smashed into by a truck! He totally wiped out on his bike in the middle of the street and gave me such a scare!! I realized at that very second that I needed to pick myself up out of my gloom and get on with my day because we are all so very fragile. You can’t spend a second feeling sorry for yourself! There just isn’t enough time. SO I came home feeling a little funky still and forced myself to sit at my desk. I began to meticulously cut up images,text, and paper. Once I started to make my transfers (on smoother paper this time which worked MUCH better than watercolour paper) I got really, REALLY into it. I spent over two hours focusing on my work, which for me is a pretty big achievement.

It is such a cure to focus on something that is progressive, rather than negative. All of my energies went into my work this afternoon, and I finished off feeling relieved. Phewf! Here is what came out of today’s work!

I’m still experimenting with transferring leaves. I’m really loving what is happening with them. I took some leaves from my dying scarlet runner plant and pressed them into my work. Its so nice to think that I will have captured my little plants life in a way.
That’s it for today. I might go curl up and read or watch a movie. Apparently we are getting BUCKETS of rain here for the next two days…I’m talking 80mm. Time to get cozy! Enjoy your Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “the cure to a gloomy day: put your energy into creativity

  1. I love how poured your heart into your art, these are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about the negativity getting in the way. Great you could be so elevated by your work today, that’s inspiring. I still really want you to draw me something, a rabbit or something, but don’t know your fees, or how that would work. Also I’m horrible about always getting back to sites I post comments on, and am still sort of figuring out wordpress so if you replied to me and I didn’t get it, I apologize. best, patrice

    • Hi Patrice,
      You can send me a quick email at and we can work something out. If you are just looking for a pencil drawing of just a rabbit, I wouldn’t charge too much. Maybe $25 plus shipping. I suppose it would also depend on how large of a piece you are looking for. Send me a little email when you can and we can figure something out! Thank you for your interest!

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