Transfers: Take 2

I have some snaps for you today, they aren’t the usual because this is how the entire weekend turned out:

I spent mostly all weekend indoors relaxing, reading, cleaning (just a little), and making art! I actually love rainy weekends because I feel more at peace for some reason. Anyhow, I really got into image transfering today, and I found that my problem was my copies. I ended up bringing all of my original images back into Photoshop, and converting them to black and white images, and fixing up the contrast so that I could get a clearer photocopy. It worked! Wahoo! I picked up these lovelies on my way home from Kinkos:

So beautiful. I think they were my inspiration for the day. I started working, and combining my images with some drawing and watercolour, and I had alot of FUN! I was feeling so excited with this new technique! I got even MORE experimental and tried to see if I could transfer some leaves, and by transfer leaves I mean a REAL leaf rubbed right into my page! It worked out beautifully! I tried with some other types of things like small flowers from my garden, and they transferred some beautiful colours to my paper. I do love the leaf transfers best of all though.

That’s it for today! I’m really looking forward to making more transfers. I’d like to include more of my own drawings in there as well. We’ll see what comes out of it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I’m off to hit a good book!























































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