So I’ve finally started to experiment with image transfers! Yesterday was my first attempt at home. It took me and my sis literally an entire day to gather materials, and no thanks to my scatter brain either. We ended up backtracking to the art store to see if I had left all of our photocopies there. Luckily they had them and we continued on our way BACK to Kinkos for a third trip that day! Phewf! Anyhow, I had some spare time yesterday morning before work so I set out to see if I could actually get a good transfer. My ultimate goal is to use my transfer techniques to create some lovely floraly cards to sell at The Flower Shop!

My first attempts didn’t go so well, I think the problem may lie in my copes. I’ll have to ask a pro, but I think that there isn’t enough contrast in some of my images! Most of them turned out very blobby looking. I also had trouble keeping the images still as I was burnishing them, so I’m sure that contributed to all the blobiness. Anyone out there know any tricks for transferring using wintergreen oil and without a press? I’m burnishing using the back of a metal spoon. Anyhow, here is what I came out with yesterday morn’:

It’s really nice to experiment with new techniques! Who knows what will come out of it!

Enjoy your Fridaaaay!!

2 thoughts on “Transfers

  1. you might try using less textured paper. that will make it less blobbly. also when you burnish, go in one direction. that will help eliminate the image shifting.

    lookin good

    • YES! You are such a pro. For some reason I thought if I burnished in a different direction it would help! I’ll try a different paper too. Thanks C! See you on Tuesday!

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