Feeling a little discouraged today. I know not everything comes out looking great, and I think this is one of those paintings! Maybe it just needs more time. It was a little tricky painting right on wood as well ,I found that my paints became very dull! I don’t think acrylics are my friend. I’d love to paint with oils, but I can’t handle the fumes these days! Anyhow, here is how it went:

It’s definitely not finished yet…phewf! Sometimes its hard to find the energy to keep going when things start to go downhill. Maybe flowers just aren’t my thing? I’ll have to give this one another shot later on.It’s not all bad though! When I look around my little studio, I can see that I’ve been working pretty hard this summer!
I’m happy that I’ve been able to really get back into painting and drawing again. It feels good to see all of the piles of drawings and doodles around me!
I think I’m off to read a book!


2 thoughts on “Hmm…

    • It’s pretty good! The part I don’t show is that it is basically in my kitchen! I think it is located where a dinner table would normally be! It works though!

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