a modest begining…

Painting is never easy! Let me tell ya!

I probably don’t have to tell you…if you are a painter, you already know! Its especially hard when you haven’t been painting consistently. I feel like right now I am on the hunt for something exciting in my work, and I’m really not quite sure what that is going to be yet. I decided I would give myself a break, stop worrying about getting something beautiful out of my time spent painting, and just PAINT. Time spent experimenting with your materials is invaluable. I messed around this morning for a couple of hours before work and what ended up happening was that I made three completely different paintings on the same canvas. I made paintings on top of paintings, until I started something that kept me going. This is definitely far from finished, and maybe it never will be. I may just end up painting over it again, but for experiments sake I think it turned out pretty good!

I learned that I love to mix painting and drawing. This little painting is made of charcoal and acrylic paint. I really want to find who I am as an artist…what a quest! I know its a lifelong quest, but as usual I am anxious to get to the finish line. I’m going to try harder, much harder, to just enjoy the ride, rather than worry about the end results!

Hope your week is winding down nicely!

5 thoughts on “a modest begining…

  1. Just enjoy it, art with out joy… becomes work!
    I didn’t attend college (wished I would have), but my family didn’t have the money, and to be honest at that age I wasn’t the best investment, but I have always loved art. I became art director for the last 25 years for one of the best engraving companies and the last few years getting back into the fine arts. Your young, work hard but enjoy what you do, it goes fast enough not to enjoy it!

  2. This is lovely. I am so glad to have finally found someone who is going through the same art struggles I am! Keep working…

    – s

  3. aloha Bryanna – i hope you dont mind the following thoughts…

    yes. i think the insight you are talking about here is a state and a stage that most – or at least a lot of – painters go through at one time or another (with or without formal training). sometimes we go through it repeatedly. the key is to just keep trying.

    i agree. do something daily – even if for only a few minutes – the little daubs and dabbles and experiments become resource and inspiration down the line.

    stepping up to a canvas – or paper – with no idea of what you are about to do can be both daunting and liberating (it’s of course okay to step up with an idea too). if you do this stepping up to paint daily, it becomes liberating (imo).

    and… if you have the resources… why paint over something several times? why not start something new and let the previous one sit and percolate for a while. a lot of painting has to do with the mind as well as the hand… i’d say at least start something new every day – if it doesnt go well and you want to then return to something else you were working on – cool on that. if he new thing goes well and you want to poor your energy into the new one, cool on that too. this way you’ll have a number of works in all stages going that you can think about and compare and learn from as resource in the future. and you’ll get into the habit of doing something new all the time.

    yeah, i like your statement about line and color – i like that in art work as well. fun. …and as ASmallTownDad says, if it’s not fun, it’s work. the key being – do what seems like fun for you. play. play is one of the most intense forms of focusing that i know of if you really get lost into the playing. so, yeah, play in color and line. see what happens. and tomorrow do it new all over again.

    when i havnt painted for a while.. i find one of the best places for me to start again is where i think i was the last time i was painting. it never comes out the same because i’ve changed and gained experience – even if i wasnt trying to gain it specifically in paint. once i see that it’s not the same i start getting involved with it as it is and responding to the thing i’m doing just to see where it goes. so i let go of where i thought i was, and just start playing with what is right in front of me… …and that’s when i start taking off on something – it may be a new direction. it may be a return to something i like doing that is blossoming in an entirely new way (yeah i do return to things i like – and it does come out different). it’s okay either way. painting daily simply becomes a time to explore and see what happens – again. …and as you say – that’s a life time journey and (imo) it’s a fun journey to be exploring.

    cool on rejuvenating (the halt time) because that means you are getting ready to begin again. and cool on beginnings – because that’s when we get to take off and have fun. fun on. aloha.

    • 🙂 Thank you! I think I will try leaving my paintings to stew like you suggested. I think that will really help me out! I have tons of small scale canvases that need to be used to mess around on! Thanks for the encouragement!

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