Jellyfish Tuesday


I have a day off today, so I made all kinds of plans to paint, draw, and cook! I have lots of peaches, so peach crumble is on the menu for tonight!
Today I focused on finishing a drawing for a friend who is moving away. Hopefully she is into these Jellyfish!

I know most people think jellyfish are terrifying and gross…which they kind of are, especially the giant ones, but when I was in Florida I saw some pretty beautiful coral coloured Jellies and I just love the way the glow. They are beautiful! After I finished this peice, I decided I’d spend the rest of my time experimenting with my watercolours. I still had jellyfish on the mind…

strange looking drawing…but I really enjoyed those two jellyfish on the top left corner…so I got a new piece of scrap paper, and tried again.


I am really into these jellies! I decided to add some black ink to the background…I’m not really into the scribbles, but I like they way the black pushed up against the jellyfish really makes them pop out.

I’m still working myself up to cleaning off my painting pallet and getting into painting again. I’ve been really inspired lately looking at other artist work, and I have many good ideas floating around. We’ll have to see what comes of it all!
Hope your Tuesday is fab!

5 thoughts on “Jellyfish Tuesday

  1. cool. interesting. i did some setting up in my paint studio today (yesterday??) too. must be something in the air. …and… i’ve always thought jellyfish were elegant and graceful as well as beautiful and mesmerizing… …altho getting stung by one.. or similar creatures… can create one of the most ungraceful exits from the water that i know of… go for the painting (sideline cheering). aloha.

  2. Awesome experiments!
    I’ve been watching Blue Planet the past few days. Jellyfish are some of the most impressive of underwater creatures (even though they are ALL wonderfully impressive).

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