Sunday Snaps: Special Dahlia Edition Prt. 1

Oh what a happy Saturday I had snapping these Sunday snaps. My first stop of the day was the market, which was full to the brim with beautiful fruit and veg. For me fall is the absolute best time of the year. All of my favourite flowers are in bloom, and all of the best local fruit and veg is available! So exciting. There really is something special about this time of year. Even though things are slowly starting to die, and the weather is getting a little chillier, to me it feels like a time of renewal. I always feel reborn in the fall!

So my second stop today after the market was the Dahlia festival at the Halifax Public Gardens. I absolutely go crazy for this place. You can walk through the gardens once, only to return two weeks later to see it completely differently! Things are always changing, and new flowers are popping up. Today it was the Dahlia’s turn to shine, and they really stole my heart.

I have a bit of a long love-affair with these beauties. I wait for them every fall and every fall I get my butt down to the market to buy myself a little bunch every week until the season is over. I can’t help it! The Dahlias at the festival were the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Some of them were as big, if not bigger than my head. I was completely blown away and over the moon! I came home with about 80 snaps from a 20 minute stroll through the gardens! I put together some collages for you to see. I’ll have to split this batch of snaps into two Sundays because there are just way too many photos to share. I hope you love Dahlias as much as I do, because you are about to get an eyefull!

So I’ve decided that some day, maybe when I’m an old woman, I will grow a giant Dahlia garden. The end.
Enjoy a lazy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Special Dahlia Edition Prt. 1

    • they are great! PS-It’s extremely easy to make these collages! There is a free program available through google called Picasa, you only need to search for it, then download it. It will transfer all the images on your computer to the program automatically, then you can select photos you’d like to make a collage with, and it pretty much does the work for you! You should check it out! It’s a very neat tool!

  1. omg bree!!!!
    THESE are SO AMAZING!!! I wish i was back in halifax wearing a wool sweater munching on a fall apple with you, admiring the Dahlias!!!! XOXOXOXOXOOX

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