Imaginary People

I’ve been feeling so restless lately!! I haven’t been sleeping so well….I just feel like jumping up and running to a new place! Yesterday morning was particularly shaky. I felt full of some kind of wild energies! Sometimes when I need to calm down I just grab giant pieces of paper and some charcoal and draw on the floor. I usually avoid drawing faces these days, because it really is my go to when I sit down to draw. I love to draw people, what can I say? Sometimes I wonder if these imaginary people exist somewhere, or maybe they are people from the past? It’s likely that they resemble someone out there!
I’m missing my school days…and life drawing class. I’ll have to pick up a life drawing class in the winter for sure.
Welcome to Tuesday, hope yours goes smoothly!

One thought on “Imaginary People

  1. Your portraits always have so much character! I think I need to go to the park soon and sketch some of the park people.

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