Happy Birthday

I find that when I make something for someone I love, I put so much heart into it. I want it to be just right! It has to be pretty close to as perfect as I think I can get. I worked literally 6 hours on this painting today, which for me is a real accomplishment. Lately I’ve been so worried about getting so much done….just pumping it out without thinking too hard about it. Today that all changed! For the first time in a really long while I put all of my heart and mind into something, and I think it came out really well! I honestly really needed this to happen today. I’ve been feeling so crazy about being an artist lately, so unsure of myself and my path, and really doubting my abilities. I didn’t stop until this was right..and that meant many attempts at painting and re-painting. I feel like I really learned something today! Thank you to my friend Brian Innis for inspiring me to paint this portrait of the Queen as a gift to him for his Birthday (surprise Brian! I’ll deliver it soon!!!)

So lets break it down..just for fun. First I started out with a rough sketch of Queen Elizabeth…

Next step…sketch it out on my little wooden canvas board…

I think this is actually the very moment where things started to go downhill . Not such a hot sketch of the Queen..but I proceeded with my paints anways…and turned this strange creature out:

I kept with it just to see what would happen, and nothing good did. So I painted over her face and started a second time, and then a third…and finally…

Things started to come together a little better, but still a little strange….So I re painted some more, and added some silver and black marker to help her really pop out and VOILA!

Not too shabby….hopefully my friend likes it!!  I know its kind of strange to post a gift that hasn’t been given yet..but maybe he won’t see this..and if he does..well…Brian I’ll deliver it as soon as you return home from Toronto!!
Hope everyone is having a really great Wednesday!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. That is AWESOME! Your style is so unique. I only hope that I can find my own style soon. I found it with photography, but I feel so much…overload with ideas and anxiety about others liking it…that’s the main thing I am having a hard time with. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you! Its funny you bring up style, because I feel like I have no real style of my own…but I’m glad you said it! I think the more you chip away at it, the more of yourself you start to see in your work, and I think that’s where style comes from. I guess it can also be a culmination of bits and pieces of other people’s styles that you admire.
      PS-I wouldn’t worry too much about other people liking your work…I mean its important if you are going to sell, but I think it really starts with YOU liking it, and being proud of it. If you made it with heart, I think other people can tell that, and they will be naturally drawn to you work!

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