Just one little doodle for the day. I spent the rest of my time selecting beans and dill for Monday’s dilly bean project (YUM!), watching Weeds (which I have become terribly addicted to), and reading. It was rainy so I had a license to slack off…oh yeah, that and its the weekend.

I think I need to expand my little cities, and experiment more. I get bored so quickly…I always want to make something 100% different than whatever it was that I made before. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I like to move on. Maybe I should spend a little more time exploring my ideas and thoughts though. I’m a skimmer…maybe its time to dive into the deep end in order to come up with some great things! We’ll see how it goes tomorrow!
I hope you are also enjoying a looong weekend!! Adios!

One thought on “Doodle-dee-Doo

  1. Go for the gold in the deep end! There are lots of interesting things happening in this little drawing though, maybe you’re aware of them or maybe you’ve missed them if you think you’re getting bored! For example, really neat combinations of textures but, even MORE exciting, mixed perspectives! Like how some are more from a bird’s eye view and some are more at eye level, all in one little drawing! I think if you keep it up you will find more and more! 🙂 Happy Shunday!

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